Pakistan Air Force JF-17 fighter 1/48

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This is a light weight fighter aircraft being developed jointly by Chengdu Aircraft Industries in China and the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex. The Pakistani Air Force will call this plane the JF-17 Thunder and currently 275 aircraft are on order, For service with the PAF this aircraft has been designed as a single seat multi-role attack aircraft with 7 weapon stations on the wings and fuselage. It is thought to be capable of Mach 1.6, powered by a copy of the Russian Klimov RD-93 turbofan engine. The first 50 aircraft will have all Chinese avionics, but British and Italian companies may provide up-grades in the future.   The Peoples Liberation Army Air Force know the JF-17 as the FC-1 Fierce Dragon. Currently it is under evaluation for future service. Other potential customers include Azerbaijan, Sudan and Zimbabwe. The JF-17 has a useful performance which includes a combat radius of 1,350 km, and a ferry range of 3,000 km. One internal 23 mm cannon is carried, plus a mixed load of fuel, bombs and missiles up to 3,650 kg.

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