Chinese PLAAF J-10A ‘Vigorous Dragon’ Single- seat Fighter 1/48

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The J-10 was China's first indigenous fighter design dating from January 1986 and was to counter Western fighters such as the F-16 and Mirage 2000. The J-10 was first flown in 1997 but was not publicly acknowledged until 2007 when the Chinese news agency released pictures of the aircraft. Named the "Vigorous Dragon", the J-10 entered service in 2004 as a single-engine, single-seat tactical fighter. The J-10A is a multi-role combat aircraft which has been offered for export as the F-10 Vanguard. It is powered by a Russian Lyulka AL-31FN of 27,600 Lbs thrust for a speed of around Mach 2. There are up to 11 weapon stations which can carry a variety of weapons including PL-8 and PL-9 air to air missiles, YK-9K anti-ship missiles and PJ-9 anti-radiation missiles as well as iron bombs. A 23mm cannon is also mounted in the fuselage. The first export customer is Pakistan with an order placed for delivery in 2014-15.

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