Blohm & Voss BV P.178 Reconnaissance Jet 1/72

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The project BV P.178 is the first jet fighter designed asymmetric in history of human aviation. It was developed by Dr. Vogt design. This jet is the first three landing gear, with a wingspan of 12 meters, 10.8 meters long fuselage. On the right side of the main wing is equipped with a Jumo-004B turbo jet engine. Located in the main body below the plug point can carry 500-1000 kg level bombs or other heavy weapons. Two solid fuel rocket engine nozzle extends from the rear of the fuselage, it can be used to pull in takes off or dive in to provide additional power for aircraft. The nose on both sides with a MG151 15mm gun. In addition to the bombing type as the basic type, there are many development types. Cause of unique design and later stage of the war of scarcity, the project is not approved by the RLM. And just stay on the drawing board. BV P.178 reconnaissance retains the prototype layout and armed. Only in the rear of the fuselage is equipped with two Rb50/30 large aerial camera. And it can equipped with 600 liters of fuel tank on the ETC50 rack under the fuselage to increase range. The painting scheme including the Luftwaffe and Russische Befreiungsarmee (R.O.A) close to Germany.

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