Space: 1999 – Eagle Transporter 1/48 (limited ed.)

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Special limited edition with miniprint autographed by Brian Johnson

1/48 Space:1999 Eagle Transporter (Special Edition) with Bonus Artwork and Signed Mini Print

The Eagle Transporter is the iconic capital spacecraft featured in the Gerry Anderson show Space:1999. The previous release of the 12” version of the ship has always been well-received by fans and modellers everywhere. It has been exhaustively researched for accuracy and features spring-loaded landing foot pads, pilot figures and all decals needed to fully decorate the ship.

Based on the Gerry Anderson show Space:1999
1/2 studio scale based on 44” season 1 filming miniature
Nearly 22” long
Moulded in white and clear plastic
Spring action landing foot pads
Nearly 300 parts
Includes pilot figures

Special Edition Kit Features:

18 x 24" Poster featuring artwork from the 22" Eagle packaging
Brian Johnson signed mini-print
9.5 x 13" Cartograf decal sheet featuring weathering panels and more

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