HE 219 A0 UHU 1/32

Productnr.: SWS-32-06

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For the first time ever, the "Ninja of the Sky" has been fully realized in 1/32 scale! The organic and unconventionally unique fuselage shape has been accurately captured, and the structures of the nacelles, which can be called one of the true charms of twin-engine planes, have been recreated to directly connect with the DB603A engines, just like in the actual aircraft. Beginning with the ventral gun pack, you will be able to study all of the abundant armament and developed features of the strongest night fighter, and even the historical background of the time -- this is where the true value of the SWS shows through! We were even successfully able to include optional separated canopy frame parts!



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German Luftwaffe Pilots(1939-1945)  1/32 German Luftwaffe Pilots(1939-1945) 1/32
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