F-4G Phantom II Wild Weasel V 1/48

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SWS 1/48 F-4G Wild Weasel V is finally here!
The F-4G is a dedicated SEAD (enemy air defense network suppression) mission aircraft that is a modified version of the F-4E as the successor to the F-105G.
AGM-45, AGM-78, AGM-88, AGM-45, AGM-78, AGM-88, which detects enemy SAM (surface-to-air missile) site tracking/guidance radar or radar waves emitted from radar sites and their positions with various sensors such as AN / APR-38 Its main mission is to attack with anti-radar missiles such as .

The F-4G, which is said to be the most successful Wild Weasel aircraft, has been thoroughly reproduced to its exact appearance and details. You can fully enjoy each type comparison while assembling.

What are the features of the SWS 1/48 F-4G Wild Weasel V!
■ What is the F-4G's flight control system that performs the dangerous mission of suppressing enemy air defense networks?
In the F-4E/G model, the FCS (fire control system) was replaced with a small, vibration-resistant AN/APQ-120. Unlike the C/D model, the control system, which was only available in the front seats in the naval model, was added to the rear seats, and WSO (weapons systems officer) can also operate it. Not only did this increase the number of aircraft, but it also brought operational benefits, such as eliminating the need to build a new training aircraft.
In the SWS kit, even the shape of the hood that covers the upper part of the instrument panel for the rear seats, which is unique to the G model, is reproduced in detail. There is no omission to the rear seat rearview mirror attached to avoid the hood. It's also fun to think about the feelings of a soldier who puts himself in danger while performing a SEAD mission.

■ What is the armament unique to Wild Weasel that was required for the enemy air defense network suppression mission?
In the F-4G, the M61A1 20mm Vulcan cannon on the underside of the nose, which was a feature of the long nose type, was removed, and receivers were stored in the antenna fairing newly installed as Wild Weasel. In order to monitor, capture, and analyze radar waves, each part of the aircraft is equipped with a large number of antennas of various sizes.
In terms of armament, up to four AIM-7E can be mounted in the missile bay under the fuselage, but two are normally mounted in the rear Sta.3/7. ECM pods such as AN/ALQ-119 and AN/ALQ-131 are installed in Sta.4 on the left side under the nose. Two AGM-88s (maximum four) and four AIM-9s can be mounted on the underwing pylons, but this is rarely the case with the G-type.

Colors & Markings: F-4G, 52nd TFW, 81st TFS, Sr.no.69-7268 Spangdahlem AB, Germany July 1987
52nd Tactical Fighter Wing, 81st Tactical Fighter Wing stationed at Spandalem base in former West Germany F-4G belonging to the squadron. Sr.no.69-7268, adopting 1987 markings. This aircraft was designated as the captain of the 81st Tactical Fighter Squadron around the summer of 1987. In addition, the characteristic Black Panther mark drawn on the left intake side is the mascot of the 81st Tactical Fighter Squadron. Also pay attention to the European One camouflage, which is painted in three colors including the underside of the fuselage!


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