Volkswagen New Beetle (+ Motor)

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About the Volkswagen New Beetle
The Volkswagen Beetle was developed in 1938 as Hitler's conception for a car for masses. 60 years later, the New Beetle, which featured many changes, made its appearance at the beginning of 1998. The rounded design of this new version clearly reflects the characteristic image of its predecessor. Mechanisms are brand new and the rear engine/rear drive has been changed to a front engine/front drive. Equipment for optimal safety has also been installed making this cute car even more charming.

About the model
 Plastic assembly kit of the New Beetle that made its appearance at Detroit Show on January 1998. 1/24 scale, Overall length after completion: 172mm, Overall width: 77mm. Motorized with a motor that uses one R03/AAA/UM4 battery.  You can make model execute figure-8 running pattern or zigzag running pattern by changing cam parts. The cute and unique form of the New Beetle has been realistically reproduced. The seats and the instrument panel with its rounded style are reproduced down to finest details of meters and vents. Chassis assembly has been made easy and does not require any cement. Wheels, headlight cases, and emblem are metal-plated parts and enhance realism. A driver figure has been included.


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