SA-2 Guideline Missile on Transport trailer 1/35

Productnr.: TRU-00206

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Development of the V-75 Dvina air defence missile system, designated SA-2 `Guideline' by NATO, started in 1953 as a medium to high SAM system for use against non-manoeuvring targets such as bombers. The system became operational in 1957 when the PVO-Strany formed SA-2 missile regiments of three six rail launcher battalions, with one of the initial deployments near the city of Sverdiovsk. On 1 May 1960 the Sverdiovsk units fired a total of 14 SA-2 missiles against a Lockheed U-2 high altitude reconnaissance aircraft flown by Gary Powers. The SA-2 is a two stage missile with a large solid propellant jettisonable tandem booster stage fitted with four large clipped delta stabilising fins. Towards the mid-section of the missile are four clipped delta-shaped wings with a second set of small fixed fins at the nose and a third in-line set of slightly larger moving control fins at the tail. The SA-2A/B/C models can be distinguished by the two sets of four, flush dielectric strip antennas in front and behind the forward fins. 
Item No       00206
Item Name       Guideline Missile on Launcher
Bar Code        n/a
Scale       1:35
Item Type       Static Armor
Model Brief       Length: 376 mm Width: 140mm Height:88mm
Total Parts       158pcs
Metal Parts       n/a
Photo Etched Parts       n/a
Film Parts       n/a
Total Sprues       4pcs+stand
Paint Schemes       For Vietnam War
Released Date       n/a
More Features       n/a


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